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About Michael Simpson


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Michael is a technical author, editor and documentation manager with more than 25 years experience of software and systems documentation. He has worked with teams of authors on large projects, often taking the role of editor and document manager.

Management and editorial experience

His responsibility was to ensure that documents, although written by different authors, were complete, accurate and produced in a consistent style.

Writing experience

He has worked with different technologies, ranging from software development tools to financial management systems and including applications that interface with mechanical equipment.

Skills and technical expertise

    • Documentation: He has experience of industry-standard tools and can adapt to using any proprietary tools that the customer requires.

    • Project support: He is experienced in modelling the structure and navigation of large documents, using change management procedures, estimating resources required for a project and training other authors in documentation skills.

    • Editing: He has had long experience of reviewing and revising all kinds of documents to ensure that they are accurate, complete and consistent with the editorial standards.